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To insert your production here, copy the <embed code> (If you have a choice, select the "iframe" rather than a flash enabled embed codethen come back here and click on "insert" (above) 

select <>HTML/Java Script in the drop down menu under insert, and copy your embed code into the frame there. It asks you to confirm by clicking on "insert plugin"  .... then you will only actually see what you have embedded after you click "save" at the bottom of this page.


Elizabeth Anne   
 Magdolna Wölferné Bugovics

I used Voki and I enjoyed it. First I had a problem with inserting, but now I hope it's OK.

Cleona Patterson 









http://e-fluentenglish.com Cleona Patterson.1.mp4






PBWorks Wiki









Julie Perry





 I used Audioboom app that I downloaded to my MAC laptop.  I hope that this works. This has been a fun way to learn a new application. 




Yulia Veselova http://www.audiopal.com/grab_your_widget.html?mId=67608776.2
Dolly Dhawan 

 My first Voki




Tanya Borisova 

Dear all, I now tried the Soundcloud. 



Here's the Voicethread for you to tell us what you see

As far as I can see, it's not updating here click here to go to the original 


Dolly Dhawan 

Here's a Preposition Quiz in Photopeach


                                             Preposition Quiz on PhotoPeach





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Dolly Dhawan said

at 12:20 pm on Jan 24, 2016

These resources are wonderful! Thanks ICT ELT team!

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